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  • Shaoxing Chengye Metal Producting Co.,Ltd was founded in June 2000is located in Shaoxing, China, close to Ningbo and Shanghai port. We're proud of our 20+ years continuously delivering exceptional value for our customers by producing and providing high quality Office Binding Supplies ,Industry staples and Brad nails products and service.

    1. Products available: Office staples No.1024/ 6(No.3)26 / 66 /4 B8 camel back staples23 series, etc. Nickel plated, galvanized plated and color paper clips. office pins,U shaped staples (53type, 10F series, T1,A11, N series, P series, K series, 90 series, 92 series, 80 series, 84 series, 10Jseries, 4J series,140 series,5000 series,STCR5019 series etc.) Brad nails, (F nails, T nails, headless pins) for manual and pneumatic tools, Carton sealing staples of 35 (a), 32 (c), 7437,34staples, wire band, wire steel for making all the staples.

    2. Raw materials: thickening zinc coating and high-strength iron wire, thickening copper plated wire steel , aluminum wire steel, stainless steel wire and color glue iron wire.

    3. Production capacity and equipment: Monthly production capacity is 350 tons of various products, using advanced formulation and intelligent manual packaging to integrate multiple automatic equipment.

    4. Existing customer groups

    Mainland : M&G stationery in Shanghai, Panasonic electricity, SAAME TooLS.

    AbroadDux, Officespace, Prince, Whashin, AMC,CIS, FleOffice,

    5.Certification system and testing equipment: ISO9001&ISO14000 international quality system certification, Environmental Management System Certification, Quality Managment System Certification, Production safety certification, Digital display strength tensile test, Salt spray test machine, Secondary image projector, Glue peeling force testing equipment.

    Our company pursues the quality policy of "Quality is the life of an enterprise" and the service principle of "Customer is the parent of Chengye", and provides all customers with the best products.